Spiritual Healing

smallredheart2Love and Light are at the heart of all life. Spritual and vibrational heaing can uncover where Love and Light are blocked or diminshed to restore our true nature and have us retune to joy. Read more in Eardrops of Light

Laurie's Toolbox

 These healing tools can help you change outmoded conditioning, habits, emotions, beliefs and concepts that are not aligned with who you truly are and your greatest gifts.  They can help accelerate healing and increase joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Oceans of the Heart

Oceans of the Heart CDOceans of the Heart, Laurie's latest CD, is available now. Uplifting, original beautiful new-age/ music featuring acoustic flute, alto flute with orchestral and piano accompaniments. Buy by the track or the entire cd.

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Would you like to retune to joy and live life fully? Let Laurie Roth introduce you to her teachings, techniques and tools that will help you, no matter what you are feeling or experiencing in your life right now.

We often crave change or resist it -- and both can result in suffering and pain.  Sometimes we identify so closely with our challenges, responsibilities, and seeming failures that we lose the ability to be playful and happy.  We overlook how life's challenges can help us grow us into stronger, healthier and more mature people.  Laurie Roth, M.A. M.S, MFT is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, workshop leader, sound/ energy-vibrational healer, hypnotherapist, musician and composer, author, and former radio show host.  Ultimately, we are all born to experience growth into greater love, peace and joyous connection.  She's here to help you change the basis of suffering and retune to joy.

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